Sen. Dan Laughlin Issues Statement About Erie High School Shooting

HARRISBURG – State Sen. Dan Laughlin (R-Erie) today offered the following statement regarding this morning’s shooting at Erie High School:

“The students, faculty, administrators and families of the Erie High School and Erie School District are in my thoughts following this morning’s shooting at the high school.

“Thankfully there were no fatalities, but one student was shot and my heart goes out to them – this should never happen to anyone. I wish them a speedy recovery.

“I thank the district and local law enforcement for the great job they did in responding to the situation, ensuring the safety of all those in the high school.

“Healing from such a traumatic incident will take time, and the school district has given the high school an extended break from classroom instruction to help with that process.

“Though the cause of the violence is currently unknown, it again illustrates we need to give our schools the resources and tools they need to provide for the safety of our children and teachers.

“It’s my hope that everyone will do what they can for the school and the community to emerge from this tragedy stronger and more united.”


CONTACT: Dawn Fidler

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