Senate Passes Vehicle Emissions Testing Bill

HARRISBURG – The Pennsylvania Senate this week passed a bill updating decades-old vehicle emissions testing requirements, according to Senator Dan Laughlin (R-49), who supported the bill.

Senate Bill 777 would exempt the five newest model year vehicles from the outdated emissions test and remove the gas cap testing requirement for subject vehicles without a gas cap.

Between 2010-19, there were more than 21 million newer vehicles that passed the emissions test 99.65% of the time. Newer vehicles consistently pass emissions tests due to newer, more fuel-efficient vehicles being on the market.

“If newer vehicles consistently pass the emissions test, there seems little reason to subject them to the test,” said Senator Laughlin. “We should be reforming this onerous, costly requirement which could actually encourage more Pennsylvanians to buy fuel-efficient vehicles.”

Pennsylvania is a member of the Northeast Ozone Transport Region (OTR), which sets stricter air quality requirements for 12 states and the District of Columbia. Five of the states within the OTR exempt newer vehicles from emissions testing, and Senate Bill 777 would allow Pennsylvania to exempt, as well.

Senate Bill 777 now heads to the House of Representatives for consideration.


Contact: Matt Azeles

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