Senate Game and Fisheries Committee Unanimously Approves Bill to Create a Volunteer Instructor License

HARRISBURG – The Senate Games and Fisheries Committee this week (October 19) voted unanimously seeking to create a “Volunteer Instructor License,” according to Committee Chairman Senator Dan Laughlin (R-49).

House Bill 1122 would provide for a discounted general hunting license for Hunter Trapper Education (HTE) Instructors, who are charged with educating the next generation of Pennsylvania hunters regarding rules, regulations, and above all, safety.

According to bill sponsor state Representative Keith Gillespie (R-74), the Pennsylvania Game Commission relies solely on volunteer service for HTE instructors, but it continues to be difficult recruiting volunteers and retaining them over an extended period of time.

Annually, approximately 2,400 HTE instructors log more than 35,000 hours, and over 41,000 students are certified through the program.

House Bill 1122 seeks to recognize the time and effort these volunteer instructors dedicate each year to the sport, as well as invest in the future of the HTE program.

The bill now goes to the full Senate for consideration.

Contact: Matt Azeles

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