Senate Votes to Permit “Mixed Drinks to Go” Permanently, Enact Other Steps to Help Hospitality Sector Employers

The Senate voted today (June 16) to permanently allow “mixed drinks to go” from restaurants and hotels, extend sales for outdoor dining and expand the number of locations where ready-to-drink mixed drinks can be sold, according to Senator Dan Laughlin.

House Bill 1154 makes permanent the sale of mixed drinks to-go by restaurant or hotel licensees for off-premise consumption. Originally, mixed drinks to-go was a temporary measure allowed during the COVID-19 disaster declaration. A licensee that chooses to sell mixed drinks to-go must display a sign that the product is to be transported in an area of the vehicle that is not readily accessible to the driver, and each drink must be affixed with a label designating that it contains alcohol.

HB 1154 also provides additional temporary COVID provisions to extend licensed premises to allow outdoor dining, off-premise catering permits without restrictions, the waiving of fees, and an additional year of safekeeping of liquor licenses by licensees that are not able to operate. HB 1154 allows a holder of a liquor license to sell their stock of liquor and wine to another license holder when they close their business.

Additionally, HB 1154 was amended to allow for a different type of product called Ready-to-Drink cocktails, or RTDs, to be sold by liquor licensees, including restaurants, grocery stores, convenience stores, and beer distributors, for off-premise consumption.

The total maximum alcohol by volume content (ABV) allowed for sale under the legislation is 12.5 percent, comparable to many beer products available for sale to consumers. Container size would also be limited to 16 ounces with a maximum total sale for off-premise consumption of 192 fluid ounces, with the exception of sales by beer distributors.

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