Senator Laughlin Issues Statement on Ballot Question Approval

Senator Dan Laughlin issued the following statement after voter approval of four ballot questions on Tuesday.

“The voters were asked to define the roles of the executive and legislative branches during an emergency, prevent discrimination based on race, and whether to expand state support to all fire companies across the state. In each case, the response was – YES. The two ballot questions regarding the use of emergency declaration generated significant interest and, in some cases, contentious debate. Now that the voters have ultimately decided the issue, it is gratifying to see all parties have indicated — thus far — their intentions to move forward.

“I believe that spirit of cooperation was at the heart of the issue in the first place. Washington DC has been mired in polarized, fruitless partisan bickering for years. No one wants to see that here in Pennsylvania. Today truly is a new day. It is time we all work together to build a better future and to be properly prepared to act during times of crisis.”


Contacts:        Matt Azeles       

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