Laughlin Opposes Tolling Plan, Urges Public Response to Proposal

PENNDOT is now accepting public comments on a program that includes a proposal by the Public Private Transportation Partnership (P3) to impose tolls on more state bridges, according to Senator Dan Laughlin, who strongly opposes the tolling proposal.

Senator Laughlin is joining with his colleague Senators Michele Brooks and Scott Hutchinson on legislation to rescind the approval of the transportation projects adopted at the P3’s November 12 Board meeting regarding the Major Bridge Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Program.

“The P3 Board’s decision would impose tolls on five to 10 bridges on interstates and freeways in the Commonwealth,” said Senator Laughlin. “My colleagues and I strongly believe that the P3 Board lacks the authority to toll any bridges without legislative approval. Actions such as this should be made only through a thoroughly, publicly vetted process and discussion, and not at the sole discretion of the P3 Board.”

The Major Bridge P3 program that would be supported by the tolls is a component of PENNDOT’s Pathways initiative, which is now the subject of a public comment period. Information about Pathways is available at and the Department is accepting comments through December 17.

Online comments can be submitted directly from the website or by email at Written comments may be mailed to PA Department of Transportation, Keystone Building, 400 North St., Fifth Floor, Harrisburg, PA 17120.

“It is extremely important for local participation in this comment process. PENNDOT must be made fully aware of the impact the tolling proposal would have on our communities,” Senator Laughlin said. “We must work together to stress that this tolling proposal does not benefit Pennsylvania.”


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