Senator Laughlin Announces Efforts to ‘LIGHT UP’ Presque Isle During 2020 Holiday Season

We could all use some uplifting news right now. Senator Dan Laughlin is working with the state Department of Conservation & Natural Resources, the Presque Isle Partnership, and Penelec, a FirstEnergy company, to hold a festive light display on Presque Isle to celebrate the 2020 Holiday Season.  

 “We are all aware that there are budget struggles to keep the park infrastructure in place. As years go by, water levels rise and the environment changes, increasing the challenges of maintaining Presque Isle as a world-class destination,” Senator Laughlin said. “We need to find creative ways to fund projects and it is time to think outside of the ‘one-season’ operational box when it comes to our premier attraction.” 

The proposal is like the Winter Festival of Lights held in Oglebay Park near the city of Wheeling, West Virginia. Various areas of Presque Isle will be illuminated with holiday light displays transforming the park into a winter wonderland with the goal of enhancing the show each year with more extravagant displays. Details are still being finalized, but the objective is to have the park open and lit for drive-through from the end of November through December 2020.

 “This is not a new idea, but the time seemed perfect to get this off the ground,” he said. “Next year marks the 100th anniversary of Presque Isle State Park. This will put us in a great position to go all out for the centennial. I met with park officials first and then set out to work to get partners on board. The folks at Penelec, a FirstEnergy company, could not have been more enthusiastic.  Presque Isle Partnership, with its stellar record of park fundraising, is the proper organization to coordinate and execute this exciting opportunity.  The Partnership is seeking sponsors for the event.

 “Presque Isle will be glowing with holiday magic,” Senator Laughlin continued. “This will be a perfect family outing opportunity during a time of social distancing since no one will need to leave the comfort of their vehicle as they drive through and experience the joy of the season. I believe this will be a perfect way to highlight our natural resource. The only thing more beautiful than Presque Isle in the summer is the State Park in winter (or spring or autumn)!”


Contact:          Matt Azeles       

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