Senator Laughlin Comments on Approval of Erie’s Community College

Senator Dan Laughlin issued the following statement in response to the state Board of Education’s approval of the application for a community college in Erie.

“The community college effort that has been underway for the last three years has divided our community. I have heard from many constituents and from community leaders, and I have polled on this issue on Facebook and by direct mail. 

“Today’s decision by the State Board of Education finally puts the matter to rest.  Now begins the challenge of getting this entity up and running.  There are still many steps to be taken.  My focus is funding the college without increasing the burden on local taxpayers. There is absolutely no way that I will support any plan that burdens the already struggling people of Erie with another tax.

“Having said that, I am ready to work collaboratively at the state and local levels to ensure that our citizens have access to quality higher education, while not imposing a restrictive tax burden here in our community.”


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