Senate Game & Fisheries Committee Approves Five Bills


The Senate Game & Fisheries Committee approved five bills today (May 27), according to Committee Chairman Senator Dan Laughlin (R-49).

House Bill 1003 empowers the Fish and Boat Commission’s to issue citations for failure to mark head or run-of-the-river dams.

Senate Bill 1074 amends the Fish Code regarding fishing licenses.

House Bill 1185 increases and/or clarifies penalties relating to damage to Fish & Boat Commission property; littering; boating education; boating under the influence; and aggravated assault by watercraft.

House Bill 1188 removes the restriction on the use of infrared, thermal, and similar night vision optics for hunting. The bill does not automatically allow the use of such optics, but rather allows the Game Commission to permit their use by regulation if it deems appropriate.

House Bill 1584 removes restrictive language that bars Fish and Boat Commission Waterways Conservation Officers from being included in Act 111 for the purpose of seeking collective bargaining.

The bills now go to the full Senate for consideration.


Matt Azeles

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