Senator Laughlin: Coronavirus Shows Need for Family Care Act

Citing the continuing spread of the Coronavirus in Pennsylvania, Senator Dan Laughlin (R-49) today called on the legislature to move quickly to enact a paid family medical leave plan.

“We are now seeing, firsthand, the implications of illness on the lives of working families, and legislators have an obligation to act on a program that will help families through difficult times, when workers are faced with illness or the need to care for an ill family member,” Senator Laughlin said.

Senator Laughlin introduced Senate Bill 580, which mirrors House legislation that would implement a program that allows for paid family leave for working Pennsylvanians.

He renewed his call for passage with the announcement this week that Pennsylvania now has 14 presumptive cases of Covid-19, the respiratory illness caused by the Coronavirus. The illness is considered to be highly contagious and has caused the closure of some schools and the cancellation of a variety of gatherings, including the St. Patrick’s Day Parades in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.

In Europe and Asia, the epidemic has caused wholesale quarantines of cities in China and Italy and has claimed 4,383 lives worldwide.

“When we institute quarantines, or urge people to stay home, some people will feel pressured to continue working to avoid a loss of income,” Senator Laughlin said. “The need for a compassionate, workable system of family leave is now a matter of public safety. We should act without delay.”


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