Senate Approves Bills to Support Fire, EMS Companies

The Senate approved two bills on Tuesday (January 28) that would help fire and EMS companies deal with some of the most significant challenges they face today, according to Senator Dan Laughlin.

The package focuses on easing the financial pressures faced by fire and EMS companies due to increasing costs of equipment and training. The bills also address the dwindling number of volunteers and other personnel dedicated to providing emergency response in Pennsylvania communities.

Senate Bill 908 would create a voter referendum to expand the Volunteer Fire Company, Ambulance Service and Rescue Squad Assistance program to include career fire and EMS companies. The bill would also increase the maximum loan amounts allowed by the program, expand the allowable list of uses of Fire Relief Funding and review the current funding formula.  It would also move the administration of the Fire Relief Program from the Auditor General to the State Fire Commissioner.

The program was originally created with a bond issue that was approved by voters in 1976. The referendum would allow the state’s 22 paid companies and 72 combination paid and volunteer companies to access the program. In 2018, $55.1 million was distributed to over 2,500 municipalities to be turned over to fire relief associations.

Senate Bill 910  would extend the life of the Fire Company and Emergency Medical Service Grant Program to June 2024. The program, which was created in 2003, is currently set to expire in June of this year. The bill would also expand the use of the program to include recruitment and retention programs, as well as volunteer fire length of service awards.

“These bills provide needed assistance to Pennsylvania’s emergency service providers,” said Senator Laughlin “In particular, the Fire and Emergency Services grant programs has provided thousands of dollars to several volunteer companies across Erie County. It was essential that we act to ensure that programs continues to provide assistance to Pennsylvania’s fire departments and ambulance services.”

According to the State Fire Commissioner, Pennsylvania currently has nearly 2,450 fire companies – including about 2,350 volunteer departments, more than any other state in the nation.

Senate Bills 908 and 910 now go to the House of Representatives for consideration.


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