Lawrence Park Township Receives $363,800 State Grant

The Commonwealth Financing Authority today (November 12) awarded a $363,800 state Multimodal Transportation Fund grant to Lawrence Park Township, Erie County, according to Senator Dan Laughlin. Lawrence Park Township will use the funding to repair several inadequate and deteriorating roadways, including:

  • Priestley Avenue, from Field to Bell;
  • Field Street, from Priestley to Rankine;
  • Emmet Street, from Rankine to Silliman;
  • Morse Street, from Silliman to 200 feet past Smithson;
  • Smithson Avenue, from Main to Iroquois;
  • Rankine Avenue, from Field to Main;
  • Rankine Avenue, from Iroquois to East Lake Road;
  • LaSalle Avenue, from Frontenac to Vandalia;
  • Vandalia Avenue, from Putnam to Lake Cliff;
  • Putnam Drive, from Lake Cliff to Vandalia;
  • Nobel Avenue, from Iroquois to East Lake Road;
  • Cunningham Drive, from Emmet to East Lake Road.

“This is good news for Lawrence Park Township and all local residents,” Senator Laughlin said. “Grants that Pennsylvania provides for the enhancement of its transportation infrastructure, such as the roadways that will be repaved by this funding, are long-term investments in communities that improve the quality of life for everyone.”


Contact:         Matt Azeles       

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