Military Families Can Apply for Relief Assistance

On many occasions we offer our thoughts and support for the thousands of our fellow Pennsylvanians who are serving in our nation’s armed forces here and around the globe. And without a doubt, that praise is well-earned and justified considering the sacrifices made by our military personnel in defense of freedom and liberty.

However, it is also just as important that we recognize that the sacrifices and burdens of military service are not borne solely by the individual in uniform, but are shared by their spouses and their children as well. With our soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines deployed to posts around the world, many families face long periods of separation.

With sincere gratitude Pennsylvania offers a number of programs for our service members and veterans, and we also provide a special service for members of the military and their families who have immediate financial needs.

The Military Family Relief Assistance Program allows Pennsylvanians to contribute to a fund that helps military families in need. We ask much of our military, and much of the families left behind. I encourage military families in our area to look into this program if they need help dealing with a hardship brought on by being called to active duty.

The Military Family Relief Assistance Program provides grants of up to $3,500 to eligible Pennsylvania service members and their eligible family members, as long as they are residents of Pennsylvania. Eligible members must have a direct and immediate financial need including, but not limited to, the following:

  • A sudden or unexpected loss of income directly related to military service.
  • Emergency need for child care for which the applicant lacks financial resources.
  • Natural or man-made disasters resulting in a need for food, shelter or other necessities.
  • The death or critical illness of a parent, spouse, sibling or child resulting in immediate need for travel, lodging or subsistence for which the applicant lacks financial resources.

More information is available online at or by contacting the Military Family Relief Assistance Program office toll-free at (866) 292-7201 or by e-mailing

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