Game & Fisheries Committee to Consider Sunday Hunting Bill

The Senate Game & Fisheries Committee will consider a measure on Tuesday (February 5) that would empower the Pennsylvania Game Committee to allow Sunday hunting, according to Senator Dan Laughlin, committee chairman and prime sponsor of the bill.

            The Committee is set to consider Senate Bill 147 at the meeting set for 9:30 a.m. in Room 8E-A of the State Capitol East Wing.

            “This bill is for Pennsylvania’s young people, to get them outdoors when they have more time available and obviously some of our older hunters would like to spend more time in the field as well,” said Senator Laughlin. “This is one of only two ‘Blue Laws’ remaining in the state of Pennsylvania. You can’t hunt and you can’t buy a car on Sunday in Pennsylvania. This polls well in Pennsylvania. I know it’s a popular issue among sportsmen and women.”

            Audio of Senator Laughlin’s comments on his Sunday hunting bill.


The meeting will be streamed live at and


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